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Verdict in Dharun Ravi’s Trial

By now you’ve heard about the verdict in Dharun Ravi’s trial: he was convicted of intimidation bias, invasion of privacy, and tampering with evidence. Do you think this is the correct outcome? I’ve read a couple articles on this tragic incident which were very thought-provoking, so I’ll re-post them here for your perusal.

I appreciated this commentary by Dan Savage (yup, the dude from the sex advice column, Savage Love), which he re-linked from his Twitter account in light of the verdict. Basically, Savage feels Ravi is bearing the burden of our society’s issues with sexual orientation. It’s not that Ravi’s behavior wasn’t self-centered and reprehensible, but he’s a product of the society in which he lives.

This New Yorker article on Tyler Clementi and Dharun Ravi is lengthy (it’s a New Yorker article, after all) but it’s incredibly insightful (again, it’s a New Yorker article) and ultimately heart-breaking. This piece seems to point the finger at a lack of communication between the roommates; they scarcely exchanged five sentences during their time together. Instead, Ravi and Clementi Googled each other, made assumptions, and never got to know each other as whole human beings; just “types.”

I think both of these articles have an element of truth; the thesis of one doesn’t cancel out the other. What do you think? Have you seen other thoughtful commentaries?

Emily Glenn

Emily Glenn is the ACUHO-I Corporate Librarian.

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