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Read All About It: Enrollment vs. Retention?

This week at Inside Higher Ed, has the No Child Left Behind legislation created students who are unable to manage post-secondary work? And when an institution tries to bump up completion rates, the enrollment rate goes down.

WARNINGS FROM THE TRENCHES: Professors rally behind a high school teacher who says No Child Left Behind has created a generation of test-takers unprepared for higher education:

THE ‘I’ IN FIU: Florida International University has embarked on an ambitious effort to internationalize the curriculum and assess students’ global learning.

COMPROMISED POSITION: Emory president praises Constitution’s three-fifths compromise as model for dealing with disagreements today. Facing outrage, he apologizes for “clumsiness and insensitivity.”

TWICE AS MANY MOOCS: Coursera and edX both double in size and look for larger international audiences.

BITING THE BULLET ON COMPLETION: A community college tries to boost its completion rate, but takes a 20 percent enrollment hit in the process.

Anticipation. Elation.

The ACUHO-I Housing Internship Program teaches students a lot of useful skills. Among them is how to navigate the emotional roller coaster of a job application process and the inevitable wait to hear if that important position has been landed. And that is not always easy. So when the #acuhoi hashtag blows up on Twitter with all the excitement and well-wishes from the job-searchers and their colleagues, we can’t help but get a little caught up in the excitement as well.

And there is plenty to get excited about. This year saw 838 candidates, 405 positions, 666 openings, and 251 host sites participating. All those numbers mark considerable jumps from last year.

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