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Open Doors

Editor’s Note: This post also appears as the Vision article in the March+April 2013 issue of Talking Stick.

If there is one thing campus housing professionals understand, it is the promise and potential that a new building holds. That is just one of the reasons I am so excited to announce that ACUHO-I has purchased a building in Columbus, Ohio, to serve as the headquarters for our association. ACUHO-I has found itself a home. Our home quarters, as it were.

From the time the ACUHO-I central office was established, the association has rented office space on and around The Ohio State University campus. After considering all the fiscal, strategic, and logistical factors, your executive board and the professional staff decided the time is right to put down roots and benefit from the type of stability, maturity, and permanence that a new office will provide. As the menu of resources, services, and events that ACUHO-I provides grows, so has our need for adequate space to support them all. The new office will do just that. Not only are we proud to have a new office, we are also proud of the building we will inhabit.

Located at 1445 Summit St. in Columbus (I’ll pause a moment while you go to Google Maps),it is in a residential neighborhood on the eastern fringe of the OSU campus. The building was originally constructed by the son of Ohio State’s first president and served as a light manufacturing and research facility for ceramics for many years. The building’s architect also designed the OSU library and Ohio Stadium. Today, the building’s façade is on the National Historical Register, and the design plans for the interior will honor and complement that history as well as our own. The building is also a landmark within the neighborhood. With this purchase, ACUHO-I will help in the ongoing revitalization of the Weinland Park community by bringing both social and economic vitality as well as working to be a good neighbor and supporter of the community.

As your president, I cannot overstate what a milestone this is for our association. The new office will honor the past, maximize our present efforts, and strategically position us for the future. Throughout the renovation process and beyond, we will keep members updated via the ACUHO-I blog with words, photos, and video. An open house event is being scheduled for October 2013 and, of course, anytime members are near Columbus, they are welcome to stop by for a visit as well. Our doors –truly our doors – will be open to you.

Artist rendering of proposed entrance courtesy of James Calhoun Architect, Inc.

Vennie Gore

Vennie Gore is the ACUHO-I president. He is also the vice president for Auxiliary Enterprises at Michigan State University.



I’m curious to know the history and the connection to the OSU and why the association has continued to have close ties. I am a bit of a history buff and always curious to know!

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