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ACUHO-I Campus Housing Operational Survey is OPEN!

This is going to be awesome. This is information you’ve always wanted, information that we’ve always wanted, and information that the profession needs. The ACUHO-I Campus Housing Operational Survey asks about all aspects of a housing operation: size, employees, assignments, spaces, buildings and policies. The survey is lengthy, yes, but when it is complete the profession will get much-needed data and the basis for comparison in future surveys.

How can you participate? On Wednesday, November 16, housing officers received emails with unique links to the survey. If your campus didn’t get one, let us know; we’ll hook you up. (Write emily [at] The survey is open until March 16, 2012 but don’t delay; it’s a long one, and you may require some staff assistance to fill it out. When you open a section of the survey, a link at the top of the page allows you to view all the questions in that section, or the entire survey, as a Microsoft Word document. This may help you plan.

Why should your campus complete this survey? First there are the obvious benefits that you will have access to invaluable information about your housing department and, for those who subscribe to the survey’s entire data set (note, discounts are available for ACUHO-I member institutions and additional discounts for housing departments with less than 1,000 beds), a host of other campuses, against which you can benchmark. But even if you don’t pay for the subscription, it’s still important to complete the survey. Every campus housing operation that completes the survey will receive a free copy of the executive summary. In addition, ACUHO-I member institutions will receive a report that allows them to benchmark themselves against the survey’s averages.

Even for all that you receive, though, it’s also important to complete the survey because you will be contributing to a larger body of data that will be immensely beneficial to your profession as a whole.

How did this all come about? Well, ACUHO-I became a member of the NASPA Assessment & Knowledge Consortium. As a member, we, with the expertise of Campus Labs (formerly Student Voice) are surveying housing professionals. The survey is not restricted to ACUHO-I members. It’s an unusual move for Consortium partner to survey non-members, but we want to hear from as much of the profession as possible. We want to know who is out there, what you’re working on, and what your highs and lows are. We want a complete picture of the profession.

If you have any questions or concerns, check out this list of FAQs for more information. We thank you in advance for your assistance and hope you are as excited about this project as we are.